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Money Monster (2016)

Jodie Foster takes her place the directorial chair for this (largely) self-contained thriller. Lee Gates (George Clooney) advises the country on the buying and selling of shares on his flashy TV show until he's taken hostage live by bankrupt loose canon Kyle Budwell (Jack O'Connell). His Ocean’s Eleven partner in crime, Julia Roberts, plays his long suffering director Patty Fenn.

The trailer for this film had caught my eye a while back. Mixed reviews had put me off (it currently sits at 55% on Rotten Tomatoes) but when I found myself with a free afternoon on my hands, I ended up grabbing a showing in what I imagine will be towards the end of it’s run in cinemas.
For large parts I was pleasantly surprised with this film. Foster builds the tension extremely well as Jack O’Connell’s character locks Clooney in the studio at gunpoint. He’s forced to offer an explanation over poor financial advice he offered on his show that has hit the down and out O’Connell’s character hard fin…

First Things First

Hi, my name is Phil Cantillon.  Ever since I was taken to see Beethoven's 2nd at Stockport cinema by my Dad (I imagine I ended up enjoying that more than him), I've loved the experience of going to the cinema.  The sticky carpets & the smell of the popcorn.  The fold down seats & the mind blowing trailers.  And then later, the Kevin Bacon adverts... hmm.  Early memories of going to see The Lion King (and A Goofy Movie… *ahem*) and the Star Wars re-releases were so exciting, and I still get that now.

At home I would re-watch and wear out our VHS recording of The Sword in the Stone and Robin Hood until you could barely even make out the naff 90s adverts in between.  When I was being babysat by my gran I managed to convince her Mum and Dad said I was allowed to watch Jurassic Park.  Despite that first showing scaring the hell out of me, that film changed my life.  Somehow I wasn’t left totally scarred, although it’s probably a good job I never braved American Werewolf in L…