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YouTube Movie Vids


From movie reviews to film analysis, there is a huge library of content available on YouTube that I try to keep my eye on.  Here's a few of my faves.

Chris Stuckmann

The other week I went through a few books I had read recently, and Chris Stuckmann's list of must watch films from the 2000s and 2010s was on that.  As good an intro to modern films as that book is, Stuckmann's strength is definitely in front of the camera.  There are hundreds of people doing the same thing he does, but nobody quite as well in my opinion.  His passion and enthusiasm for films really comes across in every video, and it's clear he is genuinely worked up about good and bad films.  I found his page a while back when I came across his 'Hilariocity' reviews of particularly terrible films and found myself quickly falling down the rabbit hole of his review back catalogue.  His analysis is really accessible, and skits pretty funny too.  I often find some of the reviews a little repetitive, going over the same point more than necessary but that's only a small thing, and I will spend most lunch hours watching his latest video.  Well worth checking out his YouTube page.


The Nerdwriter posts insightful videos every week on a multitude of different art and science themes.  Although not just focusing on film, they're obviously the ones I have been ticking off one by one.  His analysis of film is absolutely fascinating, and the time and detail spent on each video is really apparent.  The Nerdwriter doesn't patronise his audience and it's impossible not to come away from one his many videos feeling a little smarter.


Everyone loves a countdown, and nobody does it quite as well as CineFix.  The videos come thick, fast and funny, but not without it being clear that they know exactly what they are talking about too.  I have found their film countdowns a really fun way of accessing films I had never watched before, as well as inspiring me to think what would make my list.  They do lists of things you may not know about your favourite movies, movie countdowns such as the video above, and more.  This is another lunch break favourite of mine, and I'll be keeping an eye out for their latest uploads most days.

Screen Junkie - Honest Trailers

As well as fascinating film analysis, we all have time to laugh at the ridiculousness of cinema too, and nobody does it quite as well as the Honest Trailers produced by Screen Junkies.  Every big film is a target, and they take no prisoners, tearing apart new releases and past classics (although you can sense the underlying respect for the latter) in the form of a new trailer.  I wouldn't watch any of films you haven't seen unless you want all of it's plot holes spoiled for you, but once I put one of these on they're often too funny to switch off.


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